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We Manufacture Special Aircraft Tools for the Aviation Industry

With over 50 years of experience in the aircraft industry we have make Special Aircraft Tools.  We were asked, about 10 years ago, to produce a set of drill bushings for a reasonably complex requirement.  As a result, we began our production of tools manufactured, produced and marketed for the particular and precise needs of the aircraft industry.  Although these tools are designed and intended for special applications, the advantages these tools provide are not limited just to the aircraft industry.  Furthermore they can be used by anyone, any time an accurately placed drilled hole is required.  In part the procedure can be referred to as “Holemaking“. So, to list our capabilities, we  manufacture drill bushing sets, drill blocks, drilling egg cups, drill stands and drill squares. Images of our tools are shown below:

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The 27 Piece Drill Bushing Set is included in the Special Aircraft Tools category.  The set consisting of 27 different outside diameters selected specifically to meet the needs of standard, oversize and undersized fasteners used in the aircraft/aerospace industry. The bushing outside diameter is laser engraved on the head of the bushing.

An 8 Piece Set for the standard fastener sizes is also available.

Both the 8 and 27 piece set including an engraved tray

Special Aircraft Tools - OD Drill Bushing (27 Piece)
OD Drill Bushing (27 Piece)
Special Aircraft Tools - OD Drill Bushings (8 Piece)
OD Drill Bushings (8 Piece)

Drill Block (Special Aircraft Tools)

Another tool offered in the Special Aircraft Tools category is the Drill Block.  Sometimes it is called a Drill Bar or a Snatch Block.  We recently redesigned this tool to include  set screws to hold the slip fit Drill Bushing in each end.  As well as, we have incorporated a “V” Groove in the base to lighten the block and permit accurate drilling of fastener holes on cylindrical or tubular components.

Special Aircraft Tools - Drill Block showing V Groove
9536721-300 Drill Block Newly Designed
Special Aircraft Tools - Drill Block with ID Drill Bushing Set (5 Piece)
Drill Block with ID Drill Bushing Set (5 Piece)
Special Aircraft Tools - ID Drill Bushing Showing Retaining Receptacle
ID Drill Bushing Showing Retaining Receptacle

Drill Bushing Cup


Drill Square (aka Drill Guide)

Another tool in the category of Special Aircraft Tools is the Drill Square.

Special Aircraft Tools - Drill Guide
In Use – Drill Square Showing Drill at 90 Degrees to Surface
Special Aircraft Tools - Drill Square Showing V Groove
Drill Square Showing a “V” Groove on the Outside of Each Leg

Coming Soon

The images below show two new designs.  We hope to release these new tools from production soon.

Special Aircraft Tools - Threaded ID Drill Bushing
Threaded ID Drill Bushing
Special Aircraft Tools - Drill Stand
Drill Stand Shown With Threaded ID Drill Bushings. We plan to Offer a Slip Fit Model as Well.

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