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Metric Drill Bushings. We have had a few inquiries, from potential end users, about the possibility of manufacturing metric drill bushings.

Manufacturing different sizes of bushings, like bushings turned to a specific metric size, is not a difficult task. Modern CNC machines easily convert from one measuring system to the next. This is accomplished with with a simple coding change.

Therefore, the decision to manufacture bushings is solely based on the demand. In some cases, we will evaluate a request on the perceived demand for the finished product.

As well, we have also had a request for a conversion table.

Use the chart below to easily convert to the metric equivalent. The table shows the finished machined Outside Diameter (OD) of our 27 Piece Set of Transfer Bushings (Part Number 9536797-027). The far right column shows the metric equivalent.

Metric Conversion Chart

Conversion calculation is based on 1 inch = 25.4 mm

In conclusion, if you would like SAS-Canada to consider machining Drill Bushings to specific metric sizes, please contact us . Indicate your specific sizes and a list of dimensions to satisfy your specific requirements for a metric set .

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