Larger Diameter Drill Bushings

We now manufacture a set of Larger Diameter Drill Bushings.

The part number of the set is 9536838-006 R1 .

Customers Want Larger Diameter Drill Bushings

We listen to our customers. A number have requested larger diameters to compliment the 27 Piece OD Drill Bushing Set (Transfer Bushings) where this popular set leaves off.

As a result, we manufacture and assemble this set of Larger Diameter Drill Bushings (Transfer Bushings) with diameters starting at 0.5625″ (9/16″) to 0.7600″. These were the five most requested sizes. To round out the set we have added a 0.7850″. Intended for a specific application, to precisely locate the fastener holes when installing Brownline cargo/seat track extrusions. The Internal Diameter of the bore is 0.1285″. This is to accommodate a standard #30 Drill.

We also manufacture a similar Cargo/Seat Track bushing with a 0.500 Internal bore to accept our standard Slip Fit Drill Bushings; including a drilled and tapped set screw hole in the side of the bushing. This set screw retains the Slip Fit bushing in the Cargo/Seat Track installation bushing.

Machined to the Same High Standard

Special Air Services-Canada supplies manufactured this set of Larger Diameter Drill Bushings to the same high standard as all our drill bushings .

Each bushing is:

  • machined from O-1 Oil Hardening Tool Steel.
  • Then heat treated and tempered to 58+ on the Rockwell C scale. This ensure adequate hardness to resist wear over years of use.

Each Tray is:

  • machined from 6061-T6 aluminum.
  • then, anodized a red color to resist scratching and corrosion.
  • engraved to show the bushing diameters adjacent to the respective hole location.
  • lastly, rubber feed installed to improve stability and handling.

Want to own a set?

Purchase your own set of precision bushings by visiting our online store at:

Machining Ideas into Finished Parts

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