Hand Drilling Tool System SAS-Canada

By Far The Easiest, Best and Most Accurate Hand Drilling Tool System For Making Fastener Hole.

Customer Ideas – Key to our success

Special Air Services-Canada Inc. designs and manufacturer Special Aircraft Sheet Metal Tools, as part of a Tool System, for the Aircraft Maintenance and Repair Overhaul Industry (MRO).  We have manufacturing these tools for over two decades.   We incorporate new and improved design features  with each new release.
These changes result from our own experience and those of our colleges.  Above all, in many cases,  the change are triggered by customers request for improvements.  We listen to our customers.  When they express an idea for a change, it is quickly evaluated.  If the change is cost effective and beneficial to the end user, it is likely included into our next production run.  As the result,  we have developed our current and superior Hand Drilling Tool System.

Aircraft Sheet Metal – 
Hand Drilling Tool System

As a result of constant effort and attention to customer requests, we have developed a Hand Drilling Tool System.  Furthermore, its only logical to make sure each component is designed to interface with other tools in the system.  As an example, all the Slip Fit ID Drill Bushings mate seamlessly with the Drill Blocks, Drill Cups, and the soon to be released, Drill Stand.

Some of the Special Aircraft Sheet Metal Tools are shown in the Photo Gallery above.  Finally, to learn more and see all the tools we manufacture and market use the link to go directly to the SAS-Canada ONLINE STORE:


“Machining Ideas Into Finished Parts”

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