Drill Squares – 3 Sizes

Choose the Drill Square size that’s right for your application.

Special Air Services-Canada Inc. has been manufacturing Special Tools for the Aircraft Industries for more than 20 years. During this time, we have accepted customer suggestions and requests for tool designs and custom sizes. So, when designing and manufacturing these Drill Square, its only logical to manufacture and market what customers need and will choose to buy.

Here are a few photos of the three sizes of Drill Squares we produce.

Choose the Size for you Application
Choose the Size for you Application

We now Offer Drill Squares in 3 Sizes

Drill Square P/N 9536814-201
Drill Square P/N 9536814-201 (Dimension (2.0″ X 1.5″)
Drill Square P/N 95326814-301
Drill Square P/N 9536814-301 (Dimension 1.5″ X 1.5″)
Drill Square 9536814-401
Drill Square P/N 9536814-401 (Dimension 1.5″ X 1.0″)
  1. Drill Square P/N 9536814-201 (Dimension 2.0″ X 1.5″)
  2. Drill Square P/N 9536814-301 (Dimension 1.5″ X 1.5″)
  3. Drill Square P/N 9536814-401 (Dimension 1.5″ X 1.0″)

Heat treated tempered and polished

We machine each Drill Square from 1/2″ thick O-1 Tool Steel. Then we heat treated and temped each Drill Square . The heat treating and tempering produces a very hard and scratch resistant tool. Typical hardness is about 59 on the Rockwell C Scale. Each Drill Square then polished.

Drill Square Selection

Firstly, Drill Square P/N 9536814-201 is the most common and typical choice for most customers. It offers the longest length on the 2.0″ leg to provide the maximum guiding surface when drilling. It works best with diameters larger than #10 Drill size having a flute length of over 2 inches. The longer length offers better accuracy. Furthermore, the shorter leg (1.5″) works well with a smaller drill like a #30 or #40 drill. We call this one the Standard Drill Square.

Secondly, to satisfy a request from a Maintenance Repair Overhaul (MRO) operation, we designed Drill Square P/N 9536814-301. They wanted a shorter guide leg to work with smaller diameter drills like a #30 or #40 Drill. These drill sizes typically have a flute length less than 2 inches. This MRO purchased enough Drill Square to provide a Drill Square to each employee working in their Structures/Sheet Metal facility. We call this one the Medium Drill Square because of its compromised leg lengths.

Lastly, based on our own experience, we designed Drill Square P/N 9536814-401. We wanted a Drill Square to use in tight spaces. It was designed in an effort to accommodate the shorter flute lengths of stub drills, usually chucked in an angle drill. We call this one the Stubby Drill Square because of its compact design.

Drill Squares – 3 Sizes Another Lifetime Tool

Like all the tools Special Air Services-Canada Inc. manufactures, we select materials and produce designs that are functional , resist wear and abuse. Craftsman who originally chose our tools almost 20 years ago still used them today. If you see any of our tools in a professional’s tool box, ask him what he thinks of the quality and functionality of our product. In short, we are sure you will only hear good things. If on the rare chance someone has a suggestion or says “I wish SAS Canada would have made it differently”; have them contact us. Above all, as the end user, we truly value their opinion.

To learn more about the Drill Squares and the other tools we manufacture follow the link below:


Machining Ideas Into Finished Parts

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