Drill Bushings 3 Types

We design, manufacture and market Special Aircraft Tools.  Our most popular items are our Drill Bushing Sets.

We manufacture different types of drill bushings – 3 types. All bushings are machined to a tolerance of ± 0.001”, from O-1 Tool Steel. They are then heat treated and tempered. The respective bushing size is laser engraved on the head of the bushing.  A tray is supplied with each set. The tray is machined from 6061-T6 aluminum and anodized a red color. The bushing sizes is engraved on the tray adjacent to the respective bushing location.

Firstly, our most popular set is the 27 Piece OD Drill Bushing Set (Transfer Bushing).  The outside diameter of these bushings has been chosen to accommodate fastener holes for standard, oversize and under sized aircraft fasteners. We also produce an 8 Piece OD Drill Bushing Set (Transfer Bushing) to accommodate just the standard size aircraft fasteners.

27 Piece Set Top View
27 Piece Set Top View

Interfaces with Drill Bushing Block

The second of the 3 types, we produce a 16 Piece ID Drill Bushing Set (Slip Fit).  The bushings are machined to a OD of 0.500”.  The ID (pilot hole) through the bushing varies.  The pilot bores size of each bushing has been selected and machined to guide drills to produce standard, oversize and undersized aircraft fastener holes. We also produce a 5 Piece ID Drill Bushing Set (Slip Fit) for just the standard aircraft fastener holes.  The Drill Bushings of this type have been designed to interface with our Drill Bushing Block.

Slip Fit ID Drill Bushing 16 Piece Set
Slip Fit ID Drill Bushing 16 Piece Set

Interfaces with Drill Egg Cup

Lastly, we produce a 16 Piece ID Threaded Drill Bushing Set. The ID sizes are identical to the “Slip Fit” bushings noted in item 2 above.  However, the OD of these bushings is a ½” 13 TPI NC thread.  These bushings have been designed to interface to our Threaded Drill Egg Cup.  Again, we can supply this bushing in a set of 5 Pieces for the standard fastener sizes.

 16 Piece Threaded Drill Bushing Set with Tray
9536797-016 16 Piece Threaded Drill Bushing Set with Tray

We can also sell bushings individually to replace missing or lost bushings.

Finally, we have completed a production run to produce larger Transfer Bushings. A 6-Piece set with outside diameters up to 0.7500” .  Also include is a 0.7850” diameter transfer bushing. This size is purpose designed and intended to be used during the installation of Brownline seat/cargo track.  This set is now available.

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2 thoughts on “Drill Bushings 3 Types”

    1. We manufacture and supply a 27 Piece OD Drill Bushing Set (Also known as Transfer Bushings) the Smallest outside diameter is 0.1285″ the largest in the set is 0.5312″.
      To be clear this set has different size for the outside diameter of each bushing. The internal diameter of the pilot bore for all bushings with outside diameter of 0.1875″ or less is 0.098 (#40 Drill) all other bushings in the set have an internal bore of 0.1285″. This may not be what you are looking for.
      We also make a set of ID Drill Bushings (also known as “Slip Fit” bushings). The outside diameter of all bushings in the set is 0.500″. The inside diameter of the bore varies based on the intended Fastener hole. The smallest diameter is 0.0980″.
      Both types are described in detail, including the specific diameters contained in each set, at our online store https://www-sas-canada.com/store. If you have any other questions please email us at tools@sas-canada.com.


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