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By far, our Most Popular Set of Drill Bushings is the 27 Piece OD Drill Bushing Set (Transfer Bushings) Part Number 9536797-027.

27 Piece Transfer Bushings
27 Piece Set View 1

We have recently completed a production run of these sets. They are available from our website at:


Outside Diameters (OD) included in the set are designed to coincide with the standard diameter of aircraft fasteners. Also, included in the set are diameters corresponding to oversize and undersize fasteners used in the aircraft industry.

Machined from O-1 Oil hardening Tool Steel, and subsequently heat treated to provide adequate hardness and wear resistant during use. After that, the last step in the process, to ensure toughness and reliability, is tempering.

Afforded proper care and use, these bushings will serve for the working lifetime of a craftsman.

Laser Engraved

The diameter is laser marked on the top of the head of each bushing. This provides a lasting and readable marking of the respective bushing size.

Tray Included

A durable and functional tray is included with the set.

Machined from 6061-T6 aluminum. 27 holes drilled into the top surface of the tray to accept the corresponding bushing. We have anodized the tray to provide durability, wear, corrosion and scratch resistance. We chose a “Red” color to make it more visible in the workplace.

Like the bushings, the tray has been laser engrave to readily identify the corresponding location for each bushing.

Lastly, we have installed rubber feet to improve the stability and utility of the entire set. Its not going to slide off your workspace even if is a bit uneven or sloped,

You May Have Already Seen Our Special Aircraft Tools

Its possible you may have already seen our special aircraft tools. We have produced literally thousands of drill bushings, drill squares and Drill Bushing blocks. They have shipped to most aviation centers in Canada and the United States. We have supplied sets of our tools to Australia, Hawaii, UAE, Spain, Norway, Germany and the United Kingdom to mention a few. Many of our customers are MRO operator. They provide these tools to their employees through their tool rooms. Aircraft technicians and tradesmen from other industries have purchased and use our tools most working days.

Lastly, its likely you have already used our tools by checking them out of you company’s tool room or borrowed them from a co-worker.

Isn’t it time to get your own set?


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