Drill Bushing Egg Cup

We have just completed a production run of SAS-Canada – Drill Bushing Egg Cups


This Drill Bushing Egg Cup (P/N  9536881-T) is machined from 6061-T6 Aluminum.  It is used with all standard 1/2″-13 UNC Threaded Drill Bushings.  A 1/2″-13 Stainless Steel “Heli- Coil” threaded insert is installed in the center bore. Resulting in a durable and lasting connection for these standard threaded drill bushings.

The photos also show SAS-Canada Threaded Drill Bushing (sold separately – individually or as part of a set of drill bushings). As you can see the SAS-Canada Threaded Drill Bushings are compact and precision machined from O-1 Tool Steel, then heat treated and tempered. The bushing head is laser engraved with the bore size .

These Drill Cup are used as an aid to accurately drill out existing fasteners or the initiation of a drilled hole in a flat or curved surface. These Bushing Egg Cup has been Anodized to give it the red color, and to maintain a cleaner harder surface finish than bare aluminum. This drill cup is infinitely more durable than similar cups made of plastic.   

New Design

Years of experience and feedback from our customers have contributed to this improved design of this drilling aid. As the result of this effort to improve the durability, size and hand-feel of this precision tool, we believe we have succeeded. Like all our tools machined from 6061-T6 aluminum we have Anodized these egg cups a red color. Ensuring these tools are highly visible in the workspace; in and around aircraft.

Moreover the improved design provides for an open base with better visibility of the drill point during use.  The four legs ensure a stable base on flat surfaces, as well as maintaining a 90-degree angle between the drill and the surface being drilled even on curved surfaces like the leading edge of a wing or flight control.

As well, each Egg cup is Laser engraved with a Part Number and Serial Number, ensuring better tool control when it is required within a work environment.

Lifetime Tool

The SAS-Canada Egg Cup can be considered a “Lifetime Tool” based on its durable design, anodized finish and the material from which it is precision machined.  

Get yours today…  to add value to your workmanship.

Visit our online store at: www.sas-canada.com/store

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