Drill Block – New Design – In Stock Now

Drill Blocks In Stock Now

In early January we announced a new production run of the SAS-Canada Drill  Bushing Block.  We thought we would let you know; we just received the entire run back from the heat treating shop where they underwent  the Liquid Nitriding process.

As you may know this process “case hardens” the tool and results in a shiny black color providing an improved resistance to surface corrosion and scratching.

9536721-300 Drill Block Newly Designed


Added New Design Features

We have incorporated some subtle new features to the design .

Stainless Steel Set Screws

stainless steel set screw has been place in each end of the Drill Block to provide a positive hold on the slip fit drill bushing.  These set screws prevent the drill bushing from falling out during handling. It also is an effective anti-rotation stop during use even if the drill is clogged when the drill is withdrawn from the Drill Bushing.

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9536721-300 Drill Block – Bottom View showing “V” Groove

“V” Groove in Base

The second new feature is a “V” Groove machined into the bottom surface of the Drill Block.

  • Firstly the “V” groove lightens the tool
  • Secondly, this tool can now  be used to drill a perpendicular and centered hole in a cylindrical component by placing the “V” Groove against the cylindrical circumference of the component.

A good example where this feature would be really helpful…  to drill the rod end fastener holes in a flight control push rod.

To get a more details and to order online: https://sas-canada.com/store/drill-block/

Optimizing Drill Block new features

IN STOCK NOW!   5 Piece ID Drill Bushing Sets designed to optimize these design changes.

Note the receptacle machined in the OD of the Drill Bushing to accept the set screw from the drill block .


Machining Ideas Into Finished Parts


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