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Our Registered Trade Name is: SAS-Canada

Special Air Services-Canada Inc.

Bay 5, 5510-45 Street

LEDUC, Alberta Canada T9E 7B2 

Phone:  780-497-8505





We manufacture and market Special Aircraft Tools

Been at it for a while…

Personally I have enjoyed just over 50 years in the aviation industry.  As a result, the writer has amassed a vast collection of experience.  There were many times when a better idea for tools presented itself.  Usually when a difficult or repetitive job came along.  Consequently to satisfy my own needs, I had to convert the better ideas for a new or improved tool into a usable and efficient finished product.  So, you can easily understand our motto:

Machining Ideas into Finished Parts

We have been manufacturing and marketing Special Aircraft Sheet Metal Tools for almost two decade.

Some days it seems like our tools are the best kept secret in the industry.  Don’t get me wrong we have sold many sets and individual tools over the years.  But happily, once our tools get introduced to a new MRO or Aircraft Repairs Station, or even individual technicians, more tools orders follow.  Those, who were the initial customers, boast about the quality and how beneficial our tools perform for them .  Certainly, Word of Mouth has been our best advertising medium.

You will find our tools all across Canada, many in the USA, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Sweden and Germany.  Recently we had an inquiry from a Spanish firm, which has turned into a substantial sale.  If you like our tools pass it on to your friends and business associates.  If your not satisfied with out tool,  let us know, we will try to make them work better for you.