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Brownline Seat/Cargo Track – Drill Bushing

We receive request from customers frequently. One such request came in a few weeks ago.  A customer wanted a drill bushing he could used as a guide for drilling Brownline Seat/Cargo Tracks.

We have been manufacturing Special Aircraft Tools for almost 20 years.  From time to time, we receive inquiries if we have made or would consider making “specific purpose” tool.  What customers want and what specific application could be made easier or more accurate with a “Special Tool” is always of interest. Improving quality is always top of mind.

Brownline and most other manufacturers of seat/cargo tracks manufacture the tracks to Military Specification MS33601.

Solving a Customer Problem

The problem is to drill a pilot hole in the seat/cargo track extrusion base, concentric with the 1.0” spaced holes machined in the top of the track extrusion.

As it turns out, like most jobs, this task can be simplified by employing a drill guide.  So, to solve this problem we propose a “Drill Bushing” with an Outside Diameter to fit in the machined hole.  The Inside Diameter is 0.1285” (to accommodate a # 30 Drill) .

Specific Purpose – Specific Solution

Brownline Seat/Cargo Track Drill Bushing

This drill guide, when used, will ensure the resulting 0.1285” pilot hole in the extrusion base will be concentric with the machined holes in the top of the seat/cargo track. 

With the initial pilot hole drilled, the next step is to properly size and countersink the fastener hole to the installation specifications.

Typical Brownline Seat/Cargo Track with Drill Bushing in Place.
Typical Seat/Cargo Track with Drill Bushing in Place

Seat/cargo track drill bushings , is machined from O-1 tool steel. Each bushing is heat treated, tempered and engraved on the head. Machining of the these drill bushings is within a tolerance of ± 0.001″.

Machining Ideas into Finished Parts

In conclusion, we propose to machine a test production run to determine if there is an adequate demand for this tool.  Interested in adding a Special Tool to your tool box? Please let us know . We would appreciate your comments and feedback.

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5 thoughts on “Brownline Tracks”

  1. Looking for a drill bushing to center Brownline seat tracks. I want it to fit snug and be able to drop in any slip fit bushing. .50″ ID x .780″ OD

    1. We are getting ready to do a production run of Seat/Cargo track drill bushing. Our design has an ID of 0.1285″ (#30 drill). This precludes the need for any other slip fit bushings. The resulting hole can then be “up sized” to the desired size for the fastener to be used.

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