16 Piece Slip Fit ID Drill Bushing Set

2018-10-27 – Now Available

For a number of months, we have been offering our 5 Piece Slip Fit ID Drill Bushing Sets (Internal Diameter).  So, based on requests for more choices, from our customers, we have  manufactured a 16 Piece Slip Fit  ID Drill Bushing Set.

A need for more sizes

In the past we had manufactured the 5 fractional sizes as our 5 Piece  slip Fit ID Drill Bushings.  These are in stock and available from our online store:


Our custom have expressed a need for even more sizes and suggested internal diameters to accommodate specific fractional, numbered and lettered drill sizes used to drill faster holes in the aerospace industry.  The requests have come from individual technicians and also from Maintenance Repair and Overhaul facilities.

Finally, after determining the corresponding preferred drill sizes, we came up with a set of the most common and most requested drill bushings.  Select the link below  for a PDF listing of the resulting sizes .

16 ID Drill Bushing Size

We have now completed a production run for the total preferred Sixteen  sizes.

New Tray Design

First of all, we designed a new tray to accept the 16 ID Drill Bushings,  the most requested sizes .  As you can see (in the photos below) the new tray is similar to the tray supplied with our 27 Piece OD Drill Bushing Sets, offered for the last few months.   We have chosen “Red” as the anodized color to make the tray highly visible in you tool box or while working near aircraft and components.

Hence the new design produces a practical compact tray.  The respective bushing ID size is engraved below each bushing receptacle .  Making it easy to return bushings after use. Therefore, this feature assists in tool a management systems.

Same Quality – 16 Piece ID Drill Bushing Set

Above all, we strive to maintain the highest quality.  Our 16 Piece ID Drill Bushing Set is machined from Precision Ground O-1 Tool Steel sourced from a Pennsylvanian USA supplier .   Furthermore, we maintain a  tolerance of ±0.001” .  After turning, we heat treated and tempered the bushings.  This produces a hardness of 60+ on the Rockwell “C” scale.  The ID size in decimal notation, as well as fractional, number or letter notation, as applicable; is laser engraved on the bushing head .

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