Drill Bushing Egg Cup

We have just completed a production run of SAS-Canada – Drill Bushing Egg Cups


This Drill Bushing Egg Cup (P/N  9536881-T) is machined from 6061-T6 Aluminum.  It is used with all standard 1/2″-13 UNC Threaded Drill Bushings.  A 1/2″-13 Stainless Steel “Heli- Coil” threaded insert is installed in the center bore. Resulting in a durable and lasting connection for these standard threaded drill bushings.

The photos also show SAS-Canada Threaded Drill Bushing (sold separately – individually or as part of a set of drill bushings). As you can see the SAS-Canada Threaded Drill Bushings are compact and precision machined from O-1 Tool Steel, then heat treated and tempered. The bushing head is laser engraved with the bore size .

These Drill Cup are used as an aid to accurately drill out existing fasteners or the initiation of a drilled hole in a flat or curved surface. These Bushing Egg Cup has been Anodized to give it the red color, and to maintain a cleaner harder surface finish than bare aluminum. This drill cup is infinitely more durable than similar cups made of plastic.   

New Design

Years of experience and feedback from our customers have contributed to this improved design of this drilling aid. As the result of this effort to improve the durability, size and hand-feel of this precision tool, we believe we have succeeded. Like all our tools machined from 6061-T6 aluminum we have Anodized these egg cups a red color. Ensuring these tools are highly visible in the workspace; in and around aircraft.

Moreover the improved design provides for an open base with better visibility of the drill point during use.  The four legs ensure a stable base on flat surfaces, as well as maintaining a 90-degree angle between the drill and the surface being drilled even on curved surfaces like the leading edge of a wing or flight control.

As well, each Egg cup is Laser engraved with a Part Number and Serial Number, ensuring better tool control when it is required within a work environment.

Lifetime Tool

The SAS-Canada Egg Cup can be considered a “Lifetime Tool” based on its durable design, anodized finish and the material from which it is precision machined.  

Get yours today…  to add value to your workmanship.

Visit our online store at: www.sas-canada.com/store

Our Most Popular Drill Bushing Set

Reliable and Quality Aircraft Tools

By far, our Most Popular Set of Drill Bushings is the 27 Piece OD Drill Bushing Set (Transfer Bushings) Part Number 9536797-027.

27 Piece Transfer Bushings
27 Piece Set View 1

We have recently completed a production run of these sets. They are available from our website at:


Outside Diameters (OD) included in the set are designed to coincide with the standard diameter of aircraft fasteners. Also, included in the set are diameters corresponding to oversize and undersize fasteners used in the aircraft industry.

Machined from O-1 Oil hardening Tool Steel, and subsequently heat treated to provide adequate hardness and wear resistant during use. After that, the last step in the process, to ensure toughness and reliability, is tempering.

Afforded proper care and use, these bushings will serve for the working lifetime of a craftsman.

Laser Engraved

The diameter is laser marked on the top of the head of each bushing. This provides a lasting and readable marking of the respective bushing size.

Tray Included

A durable and functional tray is included with the set.

Machined from 6061-T6 aluminum. 27 holes drilled into the top surface of the tray to accept the corresponding bushing. We have anodized the tray to provide durability, wear, corrosion and scratch resistance. We chose a “Red” color to make it more visible in the workplace.

Like the bushings, the tray has been laser engrave to readily identify the corresponding location for each bushing.

Lastly, we have installed rubber feet to improve the stability and utility of the entire set. Its not going to slide off your workspace even if is a bit uneven or sloped,

You May Have Already Seen Our Special Aircraft Tools

Its possible you may have already seen our special aircraft tools. We have produced literally thousands of drill bushings, drill squares and Drill Bushing blocks. They have shipped to most aviation centers in Canada and the United States. We have supplied sets of our tools to Australia, Hawaii, UAE, Spain, Norway, Germany and the United Kingdom to mention a few. Many of our customers are MRO operator. They provide these tools to their employees through their tool rooms. Aircraft technicians and tradesmen from other industries have purchased and use our tools most working days.

Lastly, its likely you have already used our tools by checking them out of you company’s tool room or borrowed them from a co-worker.

Isn’t it time to get your own set?


Larger Diameter Drill Bushings

We now manufacture a set of Larger Diameter Drill Bushings.

The part number of the set is 9536838-006 R1 .

Customers Want Larger Diameter Drill Bushings

We listen to our customers. A number have requested larger diameters to compliment the 27 Piece OD Drill Bushing Set (Transfer Bushings) where this popular set leaves off.

As a result, we manufacture and assemble this set of Larger Diameter Drill Bushings (Transfer Bushings) with diameters starting at 0.5625″ (9/16″) to 0.7600″. These were the five most requested sizes. To round out the set we have added a 0.7850″. Intended for a specific application, to precisely locate the fastener holes when installing Brownline cargo/seat track extrusions. The Internal Diameter of the bore is 0.1285″. This is to accommodate a standard #30 Drill.

We also manufacture a similar Cargo/Seat Track bushing with a 0.500 Internal bore to accept our standard Slip Fit Drill Bushings; including a drilled and tapped set screw hole in the side of the bushing. This set screw retains the Slip Fit bushing in the Cargo/Seat Track installation bushing.

Machined to the Same High Standard

Special Air Services-Canada supplies manufactured this set of Larger Diameter Drill Bushings to the same high standard as all our drill bushings .

Each bushing is:

  • machined from O-1 Oil Hardening Tool Steel.
  • Then heat treated and tempered to 58+ on the Rockwell C scale. This ensure adequate hardness to resist wear over years of use.

Each Tray is:

  • machined from 6061-T6 aluminum.
  • then, anodized a red color to resist scratching and corrosion.
  • engraved to show the bushing diameters adjacent to the respective hole location.
  • lastly, rubber feed installed to improve stability and handling.

Want to own a set?

Purchase your own set of precision bushings by visiting our online store at:


Machining Ideas into Finished Parts

You may also want to check out http://papaulsprojects.com/

Production Run – Transfer Bushings

Special Air Services-Canada Inc. (SAS-Canada) has just completed another production run of the very popular 27 Piece OD Drill Bushing Sets (Transfer Bushings).

We have been manufacturing drill bushings for almost 20 years. With each production run we modify and improve drill bushings and trays based on feedback from our customers. We believe the improvements incorporated into the most recent production run will make our sets even more popular.

Key Features

  1. The tray is machined from 6061-T6 Aluminum Extrusion. It is then anodized the red color to improve workplace viability.
  2. We have added Neoprene feed to the bottom of the tray to help stabilize the tray and reduce the slippage on metal surfaces.
  3. The Tray has been laser engraved to provide a specific location for each size of drill bushing.
  4. These Transfer Bushings are machined from O-1 Oil Hardening Tool Steel. Each bushing is heat treated and tempered to Rockwell C58.
  5. Bushings are machined to a tolerance of ± 0.001″.
  6. The bushing OD sizes have been chosen after years of input by our customers. The bushing sizes accommodate standard fractional fasteners, oversize and undersized fasteners.

How to Get Your Own Set

Joint the scores of professional craftsman who have already purchased these Transfer Bushings and use them daily. As a drilling aid they guarantee a perfectly concentric fastener holes in the new part. Fastener hole misalignment can be virtually eliminated.

If you don’t see the size you need contact us. We have manufactured sizes up to 0.7600″. We even make Transfer Bushings used to install Brownline Seat/Cargo Track (0.7850″).

To learn more about this set of Transfer Bushings and other Special Aircraft Tools we manufacture visit our website at:


Machining Ideas Into Finished Parts

Drill Bushings 3 Types

We design, manufacture and market Special Aircraft Tools.  Our most popular items are our Drill Bushing Sets.

We manufacture different types of drill bushings – 3 types. All bushings are machined to a tolerance of ± 0.001”, from O-1 Tool Steel. They are then heat treated and tempered. The respective bushing size is laser engraved on the head of the bushing.  A tray is supplied with each set. The tray is machined from 6061-T6 aluminum and anodized a red color. The bushing sizes is engraved on the tray adjacent to the respective bushing location.

Firstly, our most popular set is the 27 Piece OD Drill Bushing Set (Transfer Bushing).  The outside diameter of these bushings has been chosen to accommodate fastener holes for standard, oversize and under sized aircraft fasteners. We also produce an 8 Piece OD Drill Bushing Set (Transfer Bushing) to accommodate just the standard size aircraft fasteners.

27 Piece Set Top View
27 Piece Set Top View

Interfaces with Drill Bushing Block

The second of the 3 types, we produce a 16 Piece ID Drill Bushing Set (Slip Fit).  The bushings are machined to a OD of 0.500”.  The ID (pilot hole) through the bushing varies.  The pilot bores size of each bushing has been selected and machined to guide drills to produce standard, oversize and undersized aircraft fastener holes. We also produce a 5 Piece ID Drill Bushing Set (Slip Fit) for just the standard aircraft fastener holes.  The Drill Bushings of this type have been designed to interface with our Drill Bushing Block.

Slip Fit ID Drill Bushing 16 Piece Set
Slip Fit ID Drill Bushing 16 Piece Set

Interfaces with Drill Egg Cup

Lastly, we produce a 16 Piece ID Threaded Drill Bushing Set. The ID sizes are identical to the “Slip Fit” bushings noted in item 2 above.  However, the OD of these bushings is a ½” 13 TPI NC thread.  These bushings have been designed to interface to our Threaded Drill Egg Cup.  Again, we can supply this bushing in a set of 5 Pieces for the standard fastener sizes.

 16 Piece Threaded Drill Bushing Set with Tray
9536797-016 16 Piece Threaded Drill Bushing Set with Tray

We can also sell bushings individually to replace missing or lost bushings.

Finally, we have completed a production run to produce larger Transfer Bushings. A 6-Piece set with outside diameters up to 0.7500” .  Also include is a 0.7850” diameter transfer bushing. This size is purpose designed and intended to be used during the installation of Brownline seat/cargo track.  This set is now available.

For more detailed information visit our ON-LINE STORE at:


METRIC Drill BushingS

Metric Drill Bushings. We have had a few inquiries, from potential end users, about the possibility of manufacturing metric drill bushings.

Manufacturing different sizes of bushings, like bushings turned to a specific metric size, is not a difficult task. Modern CNC machines easily convert from one measuring system to the next. This is accomplished with with a simple coding change.

Therefore, the decision to manufacture bushings is solely based on the demand. In some cases, we will evaluate a request on the perceived demand for the finished product.

As well, we have also had a request for a conversion table.

Use the chart below to easily convert to the metric equivalent. The table shows the finished machined Outside Diameter (OD) of our 27 Piece Set of Transfer Bushings (Part Number 9536797-027). The far right column shows the metric equivalent.

Metric Conversion Chart

Conversion calculation is based on 1 inch = 25.4 mm

In conclusion, if you would like SAS-Canada to consider machining Drill Bushings to specific metric sizes, please contact us . Indicate your specific sizes and a list of dimensions to satisfy your specific requirements for a metric set .

To find out more about the complete line of our Special Aircraft Tools, go to our On Line Store at:


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Brownline Tracks

Brownline Seat/Cargo Track – Drill Bushing

We receive request from customers frequently. One such request came in a few weeks ago.  A customer wanted a drill bushing he could used as a guide for drilling Brownline Seat/Cargo Tracks.

We have been manufacturing Special Aircraft Tools for almost 20 years.  From time to time, we receive inquiries if we have made or would consider making “specific purpose” tool.  What customers want and what specific application could be made easier or more accurate with a “Special Tool” is always of interest. Improving quality is always top of mind.

Brownline and most other manufacturers of seat/cargo tracks manufacture the tracks to Military Specification MS33601.

Solving a Customer Problem

The problem is to drill a pilot hole in the seat/cargo track extrusion base, concentric with the 1.0” spaced holes machined in the top of the track extrusion.

As it turns out, like most jobs, this task can be simplified by employing a drill guide.  So, to solve this problem we propose a “Drill Bushing” with an Outside Diameter to fit in the machined hole.  The Inside Diameter is 0.1285” (to accommodate a # 30 Drill) .

Specific Purpose – Specific Solution

Brownline Seat/Cargo Track Drill Bushing

This drill guide, when used, will ensure the resulting 0.1285” pilot hole in the extrusion base will be concentric with the machined holes in the top of the seat/cargo track. 

With the initial pilot hole drilled, the next step is to properly size and countersink the fastener hole to the installation specifications.

Typical Brownline Seat/Cargo Track with Drill Bushing in Place.
Typical Seat/Cargo Track with Drill Bushing in Place

Seat/cargo track drill bushings , is machined from O-1 tool steel. Each bushing is heat treated, tempered and engraved on the head. Machining of the these drill bushings is within a tolerance of ± 0.001″.

Machining Ideas into Finished Parts

In conclusion, we propose to machine a test production run to determine if there is an adequate demand for this tool.  Interested in adding a Special Tool to your tool box? Please let us know . We would appreciate your comments and feedback.

To access our online store https://sas-canada.com/store

Drill Squares – 3 Sizes

Choose the Drill Square size that’s right for your application.

Special Air Services-Canada Inc. has been manufacturing Special Tools for the Aircraft Industries for more than 20 years. During this time, we have accepted customer suggestions and requests for tool designs and custom sizes. So, when designing and manufacturing these Drill Square, its only logical to manufacture and market what customers need and will choose to buy.

Here are a few photos of the three sizes of Drill Squares we produce.

Choose the Size for you Application
Choose the Size for you Application

We now Offer Drill Squares in 3 Sizes

Drill Square P/N 9536814-201
Drill Square P/N 9536814-201 (Dimension (2.0″ X 1.5″)
Drill Square P/N 95326814-301
Drill Square P/N 9536814-301 (Dimension 1.5″ X 1.5″)
Drill Square 9536814-401
Drill Square P/N 9536814-401 (Dimension 1.5″ X 1.0″)
  1. Drill Square P/N 9536814-201 (Dimension 2.0″ X 1.5″)
  2. Drill Square P/N 9536814-301 (Dimension 1.5″ X 1.5″)
  3. Drill Square P/N 9536814-401 (Dimension 1.5″ X 1.0″)

Heat treated tempered and polished

We machine each Drill Square from 1/2″ thick O-1 Tool Steel. Then we heat treated and temped each Drill Square . The heat treating and tempering produces a very hard and scratch resistant tool. Typical hardness is about 59 on the Rockwell C Scale. Each Drill Square then polished.

Drill Square Selection

Firstly, Drill Square P/N 9536814-201 is the most common and typical choice for most customers. It offers the longest length on the 2.0″ leg to provide the maximum guiding surface when drilling. It works best with diameters larger than #10 Drill size having a flute length of over 2 inches. The longer length offers better accuracy. Furthermore, the shorter leg (1.5″) works well with a smaller drill like a #30 or #40 drill. We call this one the Standard Drill Square.

Secondly, to satisfy a request from a Maintenance Repair Overhaul (MRO) operation, we designed Drill Square P/N 9536814-301. They wanted a shorter guide leg to work with smaller diameter drills like a #30 or #40 Drill. These drill sizes typically have a flute length less than 2 inches. This MRO purchased enough Drill Square to provide a Drill Square to each employee working in their Structures/Sheet Metal facility. We call this one the Medium Drill Square because of its compromised leg lengths.

Lastly, based on our own experience, we designed Drill Square P/N 9536814-401. We wanted a Drill Square to use in tight spaces. It was designed in an effort to accommodate the shorter flute lengths of stub drills, usually chucked in an angle drill. We call this one the Stubby Drill Square because of its compact design.

Drill Squares – 3 Sizes Another Lifetime Tool

Like all the tools Special Air Services-Canada Inc. manufactures, we select materials and produce designs that are functional , resist wear and abuse. Craftsman who originally chose our tools almost 20 years ago still used them today. If you see any of our tools in a professional’s tool box, ask him what he thinks of the quality and functionality of our product. In short, we are sure you will only hear good things. If on the rare chance someone has a suggestion or says “I wish SAS Canada would have made it differently”; have them contact us. Above all, as the end user, we truly value their opinion.

To learn more about the Drill Squares and the other tools we manufacture follow the link below:


Machining Ideas Into Finished Parts

Transferring Fastener Holes

The Task: Transferring Fastener Holes

So, you have been assigned the task of Transferring Fastener Holes from an old or damaged sheet metal part to a new replacement component. To be accurate, you need to ensure the hole on the new parts are concentric and precisely located with the fastener holes in the older component.

For some technicians, simply using the old component as a drill guide seems adequate. For some application this may be acceptable.  However fastener holes in the old component, may be oversize or elongated .

Therefore, you may unintentionally copy the inaccuracy to the new component.

The Solution:

However, if you want to maintain accuracy us these “Transfer Drill Bushing“. This will ensure the new fastener hole is accurately located and concentric with the desired fastener hole location. 

We specifically designed our 27 Piece OD Drill Bushing Set to assure the accurate transfer of holes.

Transfer Fastener Holes  - 27 Piece ID Drill Bushing Set
27 Piece ID Drill Bushing Set

27 Piece OD Drill Bushing Set

Subsequently, the location of the fastener hole is transferred using this drill bushing as an aid . The bore of the Drill Bushing accurately and concentrically guides a “pilot” drill through the new component.

Transferring Fastener Holes

We have designed the OD (Outside Diameter) of each Drill Bushing to accommodate fastener diameters used in the aircraft industry. The Drill Bushings in this set fit standard, oversize and under-size fastener holes.

Drill Bushing with an OD of 0.1875″ or less, have a bore machined for a #40 pilot drill size.

Drill Bushings with an OD greater than 0.1875″, have a machined bore for a #30 pilot drill size.

Now the Pilot Hole is Drilled:

With the pilot hole accurately located and drilled in the new component, it is time for the next step.

The next step uses standard drills, step drills or even reamers to finished the fastener hole diameter.

The application’s specification may even require a combination of hole-making tools.

In conclusion, the OD Drill Bushing Set is the ideal tool to use to Transfer Fastener Holes.

To learn more or to order tools on-line, follow the link below:


Hand Drilling Tool System SAS-Canada

By Far The Easiest, Best and Most Accurate Hand Drilling Tool System For Making Fastener Hole.

Customer Ideas – Key to our success

Special Air Services-Canada Inc. designs and manufacturer Special Aircraft Sheet Metal Tools, as part of a Tool System, for the Aircraft Maintenance and Repair Overhaul Industry (MRO).  We have manufacturing these tools for over two decades.   We incorporate new and improved design features  with each new release.
These changes result from our own experience and those of our colleges.  Above all, in many cases,  the change are triggered by customers request for improvements.  We listen to our customers.  When they express an idea for a change, it is quickly evaluated.  If the change is cost effective and beneficial to the end user, it is likely included into our next production run.  As the result,  we have developed our current and superior Hand Drilling Tool System.

Aircraft Sheet Metal – 
Hand Drilling Tool System

As a result of constant effort and attention to customer requests, we have developed a Hand Drilling Tool System.  Furthermore, its only logical to make sure each component is designed to interface with other tools in the system.  As an example, all the Slip Fit ID Drill Bushings mate seamlessly with the Drill Blocks, Drill Cups, and the soon to be released, Drill Stand.

Some of the Special Aircraft Sheet Metal Tools are shown in the Photo Gallery above.  Finally, to learn more and see all the tools we manufacture and market use the link to go directly to the SAS-Canada ONLINE STORE:


“Machining Ideas Into Finished Parts”